2022 Fall Retreats

The Wilderness School: Regeneration and Resilience for Young Adults in Climate Crisis

September 30 - October 2

In the Bible, the wilderness is the site of incredible revelation, discernment, and learning. John baptizes in the wilderness; Jesus prayerfully wrestles with his responsibility to teach and heal here; and, most notably, Israel flees to the wilderness to escape enslavement, learning there how God intends for them to be a liberated people.
At the Wilderness School, you are invited to return to this site of transformation for our spiritual ancestors and wrestle with the one of the most pressing issues of our generation: climate crisis.
On the shores of Thumb Lake in Northern Michigan, we will practice gratitude for the life-sustaining gifts of creation; we will lament for environmental degradation and the ways it impacts the poor and people of color first and most; and we will imagine ways to practice resilience and resistance amidst this existential crisis.
Our time together will draw from the tools and stories of the Christian tradition, the spiritual practices of Joanna Macy’s The Work That Reconnects, and lessons from the earth itself.
This retreat is for young adults aged 18 to 35(ish), who have inherited the already-apparent effects of this crisis as well as the responsibility to slow this degradation for future generations.
Thanks to a grant from the Michigan Conference of the UMC’s Board of Young People’s Ministries, this weekend retreat is priced at $15 for students and $30 for non-student young adults. Full and partial scholarships are available to those unable to pay these fees.

Coordinator: Audra Hudson

Clergy Women's Retreat

October 23 - 25

After a pandemic pause, we are happy to announce that the UM Clergy Women’s Retreat is back!
This spiritual formation retreat will provide space for both personal reflection and connection with God. There will also be ample time for walks in the woods, puzzles, and other activities.

This year we will focus on the Peter Scazzero book, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Reading the book is optional, as it will be used as a guide only.

Coordinator: Rev Susan Hitts

Hike Paddle Pray Namaste

October 28 - 29

Hike, Paddle, Pray is a two day retreat where we get to come together to enjoy nature and time in Christian community.  We will have an opportunity to hike in the north woods, kayak, practice yoga, and learn about prayer all along the way.  Men and women are welcome, and every activity will be “challenge by choice” as you feel comfortable.

Coordinators: Rev Erin Fitzgerald & Dan Phillips

Unplugged Quilting Retreat

November 14 - 18

Spend a week with everything “unplugged” except your sewing machine!  Learn new techniques, watch demonstrations and most importantly connect with fellow quilters.  Come join us on this Monday through Friday escape at the beautiful Lake Louise Retreat.  Your five-day stay can be devoted entirely to quilting and/or sewing (or knitting, anyone?), or you can sign up for the Unplugged Mystery Project that will require a couple of hours of class time each day but will leave you one step closer to finishing that never-ending Holiday to-do list.  Accommodations at Lake Louise are spacious and inviting with many indoor and outdoor areas suited to quiet reflection.  All the sewing and pressing stations are more than adequate with great lighting, lots of elbow room and, better yet, access to the coffee and snacks bar!  You can bring yummies with you, but probably will never unpack them because the provided meals are the BEST! 

All you “hunting widows” out there know these November dates were no accident (wink-wink), and those of you who don’t, will recognize this as your last quiet time before the winter holidays.

 Registration is done directly through Lake Louise Retreat on this website.  They have the information for pricing and room accommodations.  Once you have registered, your info will be forwarded to the Unplugged and On the Loose coordinator, Brenda Sharp, who will, in turn, email or snail mail you further camp info such as a packing list and date and time specifics.  If you choose to join us in making the Mystery Project, you will sign up and pay for it through Brenda.  Class fee is $30 which includes the pattern, iron on fusible, and batting for the project.  Other minimal items that are needed are being left to you to bring with you allowing you to choose your own fabrics and colorways.  All of this will be forwarded to you along with your packing lists.

Looking forward to “camping” with you this November!

Coordinator: Brenda Sharp

Beloved Adults

November 18 - 20

Beloved Adults is a 3 day retreat for adults who identify as LGBTQIA+ is happening! Sound too good to be true? Check out Lake Louise‘s Beloved Adults Retreat, November 18-20, 2022, Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. Join in a safe place for healing, community building, and relaxation.  Focus: Pre-Holiday Holiday.

Coordinator: Rev Mark Thompson