Come to Camp!

Thinking of Summer Camp?

Lake Louise in northern Michigan is the perfect place for friends, community & fellowship.

If I asked you to describe what “camp” looks like to you, what would you say? Campfires? Cabins? Maybe kayaks on the lake?

While those are all the things you might see at a camp, we believe that the true spirit of camp is deeper than that. 

At Lake Louise, camp is a place where everyone can be known. From the moment campers arrive, we are working to make sure those connections of who they are, who they have potential to be and where God works in between.

Everything at Camp Has Meaning

At camp, everything has meaning – the kayaks on the lake and tree climbing are helping to build confidence in a new skill; the cabins are teaching us to live in loving community with each other; and the campfires at the Firebowl are where we gather to share all the stories of how we have grown and what God is moving us towards tomorrow.

Every day at camp grows us towards something new and exciting and we can’t wait for you to join us to be part of it this summer!

Recreational Activities

Nature, Fellowship & Fun