Summer 2024

Lake Louise is more than just another summer camp. Yes, we have fun activities, campfires, and hiking. Yet, at Lake Louise Christian Community you experience SO much more!


Lake Louise Christian Community is a special place where you can connect with God, reconnect with yourself, and meet new friends. While playing games, you build community and grow bonds that will last a lifetime. When sitting around the campfire with a s’more in your hand, you hear stories and can see first-hand accounts of how God is moving in the lives around you. While hiking through the many trails through the woods, alongside Thumb Lake, you see the beauty of creation and learn all about God’s wonders.


At Lake Louise, you re-center, reconnect, and remember who you are as an individual. As a child of God, you will be challenged to experience the overabundance of Living Waters that God can provide for you!

Kids posing with their tie-dye creations

Everything at Summer Camp Has Meaning

At Lake Louise Christian Summer Camp, everything has a meaning – kayaking on the lake and adventure tree climbing help build confidence in a daring skill; our cabins teach campers how to live in a loving community with one another, and the campfires at the Firebowl are where we gather to share all the stories of how we have grown and what God is moving towards tomorrow.

Every day at camp grows us towards something new and exciting and we can’t wait for you to join us in beautiful Northern Michigan to be part of it this Summer! 

Kids riding on a water tube behind a speed boat
Kids hanging out in the Adventure Tree Climbing Course

What to Expect: