Changing Lives Capital Campaign

Since 1934, LLCC has been offering annual summer experiences to families, children and young adults and has been working alongside cottagers to preserve the more than 2,700 acres entrusted to us. Throughout the years, LLCC has maintained a Christian Camp experience while evolving to address the growing and changing needs our cottager community. As we look to our past we see the generations of generous and innovative donors who built this camp and community. As we look to our future we see generations of donors and campers who have yet to come to know and love LLCC. With your help we know our camp and community will not only survive but will thrive for years to come. As we embark on a large scale capital campaign with a total fundraising goal of $900,000, we are asking for your support. 

Our Vision and Goals

For our Campers

  • Enhance and build on recreation and adventure 
  • Create additional educational programs
  • Environmental stewardship growth 
  • Improve beach and waterfront area
  • Invest in tools to help grow camper capacity 

For our Community

  • Repair & enhance facilities
  • Essential bathroom updates
  • Upgrades to our roads
  • Improvement of care for our land

For our Legacy

We understand the power of endowments and their ability to sustain organizations both now and in the future. Our goal is to establish a restricted endowment that uses a portion of annual earnings to support organizational needs each year. This endowment fund is intended to grow over time through market growth, estate gifts, and donations, while providing an annual gift to our organization. As the endowment grows, so will our annual gift. This endowment will create a lasting source of income for LLCC, building sustainability for generations to come. 

$ 0

Please join fellow campers, cottagers, and community members in building and strengthening our community. We have been given the privilege and the responsibility to care for our community as our ancestors did and as our children and those who come after us will. Our list of needs is long, but they also serve to make us stronger, more relevant, and safer for all who come and enjoy our camp and community. We are asking you to consider a three year pledge in support to this campaign.

For questions about giving or to make a pledge, please call Ron Buck, Campaign Chair at 920-213-9578.