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Lake Louise Cottager Courtesies

A goal of the Lake Louise Cottager’s Council is to promote living together in harmony.  In that spirit, cottagers in 2011 approved the following recommended courtesies that we extende to each other as we strive to meet this goal:

  • Respect evening and morning quiet times on the lake.
  • Be aware that sound carries on the lake, and excessive light limits the observance of night skies.
  • Be mindful of the lake environment.  What goes in the lake, stays in the lake as there is no lake outlet.
  • When boating, respect the need for quiet at camp vesper times and service times.
  • Keep pets in your cottage area or under control.
  • Be respectful of the fact that different generations enjoy the lake in different ways.
  • Above all, enact the golden rule for cottagers:  Do unto other cottagers as you would have them do unto you.

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