Lake Louise Staff

Meet our Amazing Camp Staff!

Staff Picture

Executive Director

Neil loves working at Lake Louise and seeing the changes in campers that happen in just one short week. He also loves giving back to the community through Boyne Country Service Projects.
When not helping Lake Louise to thrive, he enjoys snowshoeing and going to flea markets and auctions.
A fun fact about Neil is he has been on 12 mission trips. They have ranged in location from Guatemala to Grand Rapids and many cities in-between. They have also ranged in work; they have done home building, hurricane relief, community clean up, and partnering with non-profits to help serve the community.

Director of Camping and Outreach

Jacob loves working at Lake Louise because camp was always the best week of the year for him growing up. Jacob enjoys helping to create that experience for others! (Getting a discount for Chaco’s helps too!)
When Jacob is not working around Lake Louise he enjoys: downhill skiing, cross country skiing, backpacking, sea kayaking, and watching Pittsburgh sports!
Here are a couple of fun facts about Jacob!
He has been coming to Thumb Lake every summer since before he was born!
Jacob once slept in a hammock in Rocky Mountain National Park when it was -15 Degrees out!

Director of Maintenance

Mike is excited to be working at Lake Louise for the friendliness of the staff!

When not at Lake Louise, Mike enjoys being active! He enjoys mountain biking, running, and cross country skiing.  He also likes to work with wood and build things!

A fun fact about Mike is he has a great sense of humor and always tries to stay positive!

Director of Housekeeping

Angie loves working at Lake Louise for the beautiful property and historic chapels and buildings. She also loves working with the people here!
Outside of camp, she loves foraging in the woods for food and medicine! She enjoys getting her three sons involved too!
Here is a fun fact about Angie:
-She is currently learning about mushrooms and fungi and would love to do guided tours one day!

Director of Food Service

Shelly likes working at Lake Louise for the faith, family, and friends. She loves seeing the gratitude of everyone who comes to Lake Louise! And of course, she loves working with the rest of our staff!
When she is not at camp, Shelly enjoys spending quality time with her grandchildren, exploring the great outdoors, photographing wildlife, and horses!
A fun fact about Shelly is she used to a a rodeo entertainer (contract act show) for the International Professional Rodeo Association (IPRA). She worked with trick horses and clown acts that took her all across the U.S. performing!

Shawn Beeler

Relief Cook

Shawn is excited to work at Lake Louise because it feels like working with family and everyone takes pride in their work.
When Shawn is not here, she loves: running, dancing, karaoke, making jewelry, kayaking, ice skating, and archery!
She comes here with the experience of mission work in FIVE different countries!!
Shawn also danced professionally for a company in Arizona!

Vicki Reinhardt

Office Assistant

What Vicki loves most about working at Lake Louise is the people she gets to work with and being able to be creative with Make-it-Take-it classes.
When she is not at camp she is busy with lots of other activities and hobbies! These include: photography, stained glass, sewing, crafting, gardening, her horses, Otsego County Mounted Division (Sheriff), hiking to waterfalls, camping, fishing, cooking, reading, kayaking, and all of her animals.
Here are some fun facts about Vicki!
-She will try just about anything.
-When she looks at junk she sees art.
-Her family says that if she is cooking she can make dirt taste good!

Facilities Staff/Volunteer Liaison

Stacie loves being one of the caretakers of a place that has such deep and strong roots in so many peoples hearts. She loves being able to take care of such a special place and help to ensure it is here for many generations in the future.
When she is not at Lake Louise, she enjoys reading, kayaking, sewing and crafting, and sitting around the campfire eating smores.
Here are some fun facts about Stacie:
She spent here childhood and teenage years traveling the country in the sidecar of a motorcycle!
She has been to Guatemala 3 times (so far!) with Habitat for Humanity building houses and cooking stoves!