Group Retreats


Lake Louise offers groups an opportunity to use buildings other than those in which they are staying by renting Tennant Chapel, Horner Center, and/or the Dining Hall @ $125.00 per day per building.


Tennant Chapel seats approximately 160 people and has a sound system and piano. Available Spring, Summer, Fall.


Horner Center is a large hall anchored at either end by a stage and wood burning fireplace. The center hall is flanked by two side rooms - one with a small kitchen and the other a great place for crafts. Available Spring, Summer, Fall.


Dining Hall seats approximately 150 people. A sound system with TV are integrated features and a piano is also available. For groups that would like to use this room for more than dining, it is available for rent provided your group is the only group on-site.


We strive to keep our accommodation rates low to ensure as many people as possible may visit and be blessed through their time at Lake Louise. Therefore, we trust you understand the additional time required by our staff to ensure these buildings are prepared for your group's use.


Buildings available on a first-come reservation basis when multiple groups are staying. If both group leaders are agreeable, buildings may be shared.


These rates apply to groups who are staying at Lake Louise. If you have an outside group that would like to rent our facilities for the day, please contact us by phone or email.

Tennant Chapel

Horner Center

Dining Hall

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