Camp Resource Center

The physical address for Lake Louise is: 11037 Thumb Lake Road, Boyne Falls, MI. 49713.  Please download the driving instructions to assist with your travel plans to Lake Louise.

You can reach the Lake Louise office by calling 231.549.2728.  Our office is open M-F from 8:00am to 4:30pm.  All messages left in our voice mail system after hours will be answered the next business day. 

In case of emergencies, you can contact us after hours at 231.429.7373. Please leave a detailed message and someone will return your call. 

Our main email is:

Our camp registration is open from 3:00pm – 4:30pm on the first day of each camp. 

Pick up time is between 10:00am and 11:00am on the last day of camp. 

The Choir Camp concert begins at 10:00am and campers are released when the concert is finished – which is usually around 12:00pm.

Teddy Bear and Black bear camps also have different pick up times. 

Please refer to the card given to you at check in for your correct pick up date and time!

Our food service department provides three well-balanced meals daily.  Each meal includes several options aside from the main course, with nutritious, fresh food being a focus.  Fresh fruit, juice and milk is available all day for campers. 

Camp can accommodate a variety of dietary needs and restrictions – please identify those needs on the camper health form.  Please contact our Food Service Director, Shelly, with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Each of our weeks is a little different but they all follow a similar schedule. We’ll start the day off with Breakfast at 8:00am. Morning worship will help us get the day off to the right start! Worship is followed by cabin or small group time, allowing time for reflection and Bible Study. Groups will move into an activity just before heading off to Lunch served at 12:00pm. The afternoon is a combination of scheduled activities and free time, including time at the beach! Then off to dinner at 5:30pm. Evening activities vary each day, but there’s never a dull moment and you’ll have a blast each day!

Each camp has created their own policy regarding cell phone usage while at Lake Louise. Please, refer to the Welcome Letter that you will receive before camp for more specific information. In general, campers may have their cell phones, but we leave it to their Counselor and Dean’s discretion to determine if it is becoming a distraction or hindrance to fully experiencing all that God has for them during their week of camp.  Just for your information, Lake Louise is in an area where cell phone and internet service is extremely limited.

We understand that parents and campers may feel reassured by having this method of communication, but ask that as much as possible, cell phone usage be at a minimum and only during approved free time.

Generally, we advise parents/caregivers and other family members not to visit during the week simply because it will take their camper away from the activities and programs that make the week so unforgettable.

Lake Louise is happy to provide a tour of our camp facilities by one of our professional staff.  Please call our office to arrange a date and time for your personalized tour.

Being accredited by the American Camp Association indicates that Lake Louise Summer Camp meets or exceeds industry-accepted and government recognized standards and best practices for our summer camp programs, facilities and staff.

What to Bring to Summer Camp

Download the 2023 Lake Louise Christian Camp's "What to Bring to Camp" list. Everything is here - from bedding to Bible.

Lake Louise Summer Camp Forms & Policies

Additional Camp Information

By sending your camper(s) to Lake Louise Community Christian Camp, you agree to the following:

I understand that any of the following circumstances could, in the reasonable discretion of the Lake Louise Executive Director, require my camper to return home.

A. The violation of any of the Lake Louise Camp & Retreat ground rules which include:

  1. Alcohol or narcotics/drugs (including cigarettes) of any sort are forbidden on Lake Louise Camp grounds or program sites. 
  2. Sexual behavior or excessive displays of affections that detract from group participation is neither acceptable nor permitted.
  3. Permission is required from the Lake Louise Executive Director to leave the group or defined boundaries at any time.
  4. Inappropriate social behavior is not acceptable because it affects Lake Louise Camp’s ability to conduct a safe and effective program.

B. The commission of a crime by my camper, the arrest of my camper, or the use or possession of a weapon.

C. Any illness or injury by my camper that would make their continuing on with camp ill advised.

D. The following items are banned by Lake Louise Camp: All controlled substances, personal sporting equipment, weapons, and animals.

E. Campers of driving age who intend to drive their own vehicles to Lake Louise Camp must notify the Lake Louise Executive Director prior to camp session in order to receive Lake Louise Camp vehicle rules.

Violation of these ground rules may result in the camper being sent home at the parent/caregiver’s expense.

Lake Louise Camp reserves the right to perform a search of a camper’s property in the event of suspected illegal substances or weapons.

Summer Camp Safety

Our complete Child Protection Policy is available by clicking on the links above, but here are a few highlights from the policy:

  • At the conclusion of camp, campers will only be released to individuals specified on the Camper Release Form and must present a valid picture identification.
  • Each camp is staffed with a licensed Health Officer 24/7 (EMT, Nurse, Doctor, or other licensed first responder).
  • At check-in, Health Officer collects all prescription and non-prescription medication for campers and staff, secures in a locked cabinet in the First-Aid Cabin, and distributes to campers and counselors per instructions.
  • Lake Louise staff (permanent and seasonal) undergo a background check.
  • All deans, counselors, and health officers undergo a background check.
  • A certified lifeguard supervises all camp waterfront activities.
  • Lake Louise will not post photos or videos on social media while child is at camp. However, we cannot control what campers may choose to post.