Summer Camp & Retreat Policies

Refund Policy All scholarship funds are non-refundable and non-transferable. In cases of homesickness, dismissal, or voluntary withdrawal, there is no refund of any camp fees. All cancellations or changes to a registration must be submitted in writing, postmarked no later than 15 days prior to start of camp session in order to be processed and/or to receive a refund, minus scholarship payments. If a camper does not show for a registered session without proper notice, there will be no refund issued. Special circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis by Lake Louise Camp. Financial Assistance Thanks to the generous support of donors throughout the Lake Louise Cottage Community, Lake Louise Camp Alumni, Lake Louise retreatants, and many others who believe in supporting and investing in the ministry of Lake Louise, we are pleased to provide financial assistance to eligible campers. To apply for financial assistance, please download the application and return the completed form by mail. Health Lake Louise Camp provides health supervision 24 hours a day for camps and youth retreats. Our certified health professionals live on site to ensure everyone stays healthy and able to enjoy their camp experience. Multiple Sessions Does your camper want to attend more than one session? No problem! You can do that. We welcome all returning campers. Contact the Lake Louise office to inquire about a special discount, just for you! Transportation I understand and agree that, if any circumstances, including illness, homesickness, and behavior difficulties, should require my child to return home from Lake Louise Camp before the Camp session’s conclusion, I will be responsible for picking my child up at camp immediately. What to Bring Please refer to our What to Bring list. All personal items (including, but not limited to, all electronics) are the responsibility of the individual camper. Lake Louise is not responsible for loss or damage of personal items. Additional Information I understand that any of the following circumstances could, in the reasonable discretion of the Lake Louise Executive Director, require my son/daughter to return home. A. The violation of any of the Lake Louise Camp & Retreat ground rules which include: 1. Alcohol or narcotics/drugs (including cigarettes) of any sort are forbidden on Lake Louise Camp grounds or program sites. 2. Sexual behavior or excessive displays of affections that detract from group participation is neither acceptable nor permitted. 3. Permission is required from the Lake Louise Executive Director to leave the group or defined boundaries at any time. 4. In appropriate social behavior is not acceptable because it affects Lake Louise Camp's ability to conduct a safe and effective program. B. The commission of a crime by my son/daughter, the arrest of my son/daughter, or the use or possession of a weapon. C. Any illness or injury by my son/daughter that would make their continuing on with camp ill advised. D. The following items are banned by Lake Louise Camp: All controlled substances, personal sporting equipment, weapons, and animals. E. Campers of driving age who intend to drive their own vehicles to Lake Louise Camp must notify the Lake Louise Executive Director prior to camp session in order to receive Lake Louise Camp vehicle rules. Violation of these ground rules may result in the camper being sent home at the parent’s expense. Lake Louise Camp reserves the right to perform a search of a camper’s property in the event of suspected illegal substances or weapons. Contact Info Camper's name, address, email address, telephone number, and birth date may be released to other campers and deans. Outdoor Activities Adult and/or child attending camp/retreat will participate in outdoor activities and he/she participates at his/her own risk. Photo Release I hereby give Lake Louise Christian Community and to its agents, my consent to use for publicity or educational purposes any photograph/recordings through video, audio, digital, and/or film formats and any images or recordings created thereof and therefrom, of me and/or my dependent adult or child, or any artwork created by me and/or my dependent adult or child. I waive all claims for compensation for such use or for damages.

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