$92.00/night per room

Check-in @ 3:00pm * Check-out @ 10:00am

Please call or email for availability and reservations.

Group Retreats * Family Vacations The Retreat Center main floor is ADA accessible. 15 rooms (11 on the main floor and 4 on the lower level) are available for guest bookings. Each room is fully furnished (including bedding and linens) and sleeps 5 or 6 people in 2 double beds with either 1 or 2 top bunks. Common bathrooms, with private showers, are available on each floor for men and women. The main floor rooms have sinks as well. There is a common area with fireplace for gathering on each floor and games in the lower level community room. Accommodations include complimentary coffee, tea, and juice bar available 24/7 in the dining room.

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