Service to the Community

Recognition for Service to the Community



Throughout the years, most of us have encountered people in the

Lake Louise Christian Community who have given many hours

 of service to the camping and cottage communities at Lake Louise.

"Recognition for Service to the Community" is an opportunity for

 the Board of trustees and the Community to honor those who

have dedicated so much time and effort to continue the mission

of this unique community that is:


"Creating an environment that nurtures Christian growth

 and Christ-like community"


Selection Criteria

Recognition should be given to a person, persons, and/or group who, in a special way, have given voluntarily of their time, talents and service to benefit the Lake Louise Christian Community.  Those nominated:

*Should have given freely of time and energy to the Community.

*Have had a positive impact on the vision of the Community.

*Have shared talents or expertise to preserve and maintain the Community.


**Please note that current Board of Trustee Members are

not eligible for nomination!**


Nomination Procedure

Nominations may be made by anyone in the Lake Louise Community.  The nominations will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees or their appointed Committee.  The Board will make the selection of the individual(s) or group to be honored each year.

Nominations should include a personal anecdote telling why this person, persons or group should be chosen for recognition.  Nomination forms are available in the Lake Louise Office or by downloading it HERE!


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